Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Packing pt. 1

Anyone who I have had even the most limited travel experience with will know three things:

1) I cannot pack well and I hate to pack
2) I over-pack
3) I never pack the right clothing

Because of this-as you can imagine-I have been stressing out about packing for Brussels for, oh, seven months.

I know that the first day I will want to wear all the clothing I don't have the first day. Alas, I shall just have suffer through.

I am limiting myself to two bags going and three coming home.

I have also decided that I will take pictures of all the outfits that the clothing I do plan to take will make, shoes, jewelry, everything. That way I know I have outfits for every occasion and it will be easy to get ready in the morning.

My mother on hearing this asked why I needed photos. I said it was because I need input from people(mom, sister, friend, roommate ect.). She still thinks I am a little delusional for taking pictures to be able to get dressed in the morning. Has she met me? I need a little help in the morning whether it be coffee, a splash of cold water, or just pictures of acceptable outfits so I have one less thing to think about.

How do you pack? Are you a careful packer or do you throw things in and hope for the best?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The First Post

You may be wondering why the first post of my study abroad blog is happening over a month before I leave the good old USA. Two answers exist to that question.

1) I need your help in figuring out what to pack- I will be gone for 3 1/2 months with drastically different temperatures, lots of travel to places with a different climate, and limited space. Any input/suggestions/outfit choices you may have are much appreciated.

2) I also wanted to set up the premise of the blog. I will be exploring European culture and a major part of that is style. The goal will be to embrace the style and feel for the fashion of the city I am in. I will post outfit that either represent the city, I have seen in the city, or that I wore in the city.

And one final thought:

If Washington, D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people does that make Brussels the Paris for ugly people?