Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Packing pt. 1

Anyone who I have had even the most limited travel experience with will know three things:

1) I cannot pack well and I hate to pack
2) I over-pack
3) I never pack the right clothing

Because of this-as you can imagine-I have been stressing out about packing for Brussels for, oh, seven months.

I know that the first day I will want to wear all the clothing I don't have the first day. Alas, I shall just have suffer through.

I am limiting myself to two bags going and three coming home.

I have also decided that I will take pictures of all the outfits that the clothing I do plan to take will make, shoes, jewelry, everything. That way I know I have outfits for every occasion and it will be easy to get ready in the morning.

My mother on hearing this asked why I needed photos. I said it was because I need input from people(mom, sister, friend, roommate ect.). She still thinks I am a little delusional for taking pictures to be able to get dressed in the morning. Has she met me? I need a little help in the morning whether it be coffee, a splash of cold water, or just pictures of acceptable outfits so I have one less thing to think about.

How do you pack? Are you a careful packer or do you throw things in and hope for the best?


  1. Kelsey. Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey. You and I are a quite a bit alike, I think you'd agree (Maggie does emphatically). Let me tell you something, if you can't pack it the night before then CLEARLY it's not worth taking.

  2. Duke I know how alike we are. I think for me your night before strategy would end in chaos- too much of one thing not enough of another. Did you see the people who wore 6 articles for clothing for a month?

  3. That's disgusting. I would never!