Saturday, September 4, 2010

The First 48.

I have been in Europe for two days.

I will be here for 112 days.

Part of me feels a sense of sensory overload that is more than a little bit hard to describe. Everything is new and exciting with infinite possibilities. While this may sound like the first week of college it is a little different because language has to be taken into account.

So far we have only had orientation and moved into our host family's home. I have a roommate but we each have our own room and share a bathroom.

We went as a group to the day to tour the Grand Place where all the old guild halls are located. BUT our tour group was made difficult by a few interesting factors. 1) The HUGE beer festive happening in the square, 2) Weddings happening in the town hall, 3) A man in some sort of cat costume walking around asking for kisses (Jerry told us bachelor parties are taken very seriously here).

I just noticed I have glow stars on my ceiling. WIN.

P.S. Tomorrow we are going to a castle. A castle that my host mom's cousin OWNS. 

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  1. I love your life. PICTURES - and I want to hear about outfits!!!!!! :-D Howd the flight dress situation work?