Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Week + 2 Days(But not Bruges)

Well I survived the first week. We had classes on Thursday and Friday after what seemed like weeks of orientation.

We did classes in the history of the EU, how Belgian politics work, and the history of Belgium. The history class was taught by a 70 year old man from Ireland who like to tell jokes and talk about some random thing.

He started off the class with some real classics:
1. A doctor, architect and politician were fighting over what job was created first.  The doctor said that “Eve was made from Adam’s rib, so God needed to do surgery”.  The architect said “Yes but the chaos needed to be organized and planned before the creation of Adam”.  The politician stood up and said “Who do you think created the chaos?”
2. I asked the new mother what she named her child and she said “Jimmy”.  I responded “What?  Every Tom, Dick and Harry is named Jimmy”
3.The Irish laugh at jokes three times: The first time they hear it, when they tell the joke to someone else, and six month later when they finally understand it.

We spent Saturday in Bruges, which will be covered in another post!

Monday we had one political class and one econ class that was just an overview. I also had two interview( one with the state of Illinois and the other with Lilly[the chemical company]). I really like the state of Illinois office where I would be doing research of FDI and getting FDI to Illinois. Lilly not so much- moral qualms about working for a chemical company.

Today I had a meeting with the Belarus business council(WHICH I LOVED) and I went to the Museum of Central Africa-which will be covered in another post. It was super awkward.

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